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This 2000W 48V boost MPPT wind charge controller is designed to charge a 48V battery bank using energy generated from wind turbines. The controller seamlessly converts AC three-phase output from a wind generator into DC output, ready for charging a 48V battery bank. The boost technology and MPPT featured in this controller make it more efficient than most standard PWM wind charge controllers.


Key features:


- MPPT technology: This feature allows tracking of the maximum power point across a range of pre-defined points of the wind turbine power curve; these points are set by the user by adjusting the wind turbine voltage and current. This ensures the yielding of the most output power from the wind turbine at all times.
- Boost technology: This controller features advanced boost charging technology which enables it to increase the wind turbine voltage up to the levels required for charging, if these levels are not already high enough due to wind conditions.This ensures the withdrawal of the maximum possible power from the wind turbine even at low wind speeds.
- Full safety protection: This controller features a range of protection functions, including protection against overcharging, overvoltage, reverse polarity, load short circuit and lightning. This controller is also equipped with an intelligent automatic braking function - applied to the wind turbine when the battery is full, to protect the battery from overcharging. Automatic braking also helps to prevent damage to the wind turbine when high wind speeds are detected.
- External dump load: As an additional safety precaution, this controller also comes with an external dump load for further system protection. The controller will automatically detect when the battery bank is full and divert any excess energy directly to the dump load unit, connected to the dump load terminals of the controller. This prevents damage to system components including the batteries and wind turbine, which is particularly useful for applications with strong wind speeds where the battery is often rapidly charged.
- User-friendly interface: This controller is equipped with a high quality digital display, a multifunction selector button and a bright LED indicator. The display shows important information such as battery voltage, wind turbine voltage/current/power and DC output voltage. The dump load indicator light also indicates the operation status of the controller (whether it's operating normally or in unload or brake mode)




This wind charge controller is compatible with 48V wind turbines with a rated output power of up to 2000W, 3-phase AC output.


- 2kw MPPT wind charge controller and dump load
- Installation manual
- Charging technology: Boost MPPT
- Battery voltage: 48V
- Wind turbine rated power: 2000W
- Maximum charging current: 42A
- Rated input voltage: 56Vdc
- Input voltage range: 0~64V
- Conversion efficiency: ~92%
- Start charge voltage: 12Vdc factory default; 8Vdc ~ 64Vdc settable
- Start unload voltage: 56Vdc factory default; 44Vdc ~ 64Vdc settable
- Complete unload voltage: 60Vdc factory default; add 4V to the start unload voltage
- No-load consumption: < 2W
- Ambient temperature: -20? ~ +40?
- Humidity: 0 ~ 90% (no condensation)
- Display mode: LCD
- Controller dimensions: 300 x 375 x 145 mm
- Controller weight: 10kg
- Dump load dimensions: 400 x 300 x 210 mm
- Dump load weight: 9.5kg
- Cover protection class: IP42


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12V Hybrid 400W MPPT Wind + 150W Solar Controller with LCD Display

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