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This waterproof 300W 12V wind charge controller is designed to charge lead acid batteries using energy generated from wind turbines. The controller seamlessly converts AC three-phase output from a wind generator into DC output, ready for charging a 12V battery or battery bank.


This wind controller is equipped with advanced dual safety protection, designed to protect both the battery and the wind turbine itself. This is achieved through the intelligent automatic braking function - applied to the turbine when the battery is full, to protect the battery from overcharging. Automatic braking also helps to prevent damage to the wind turbine when high wind speeds are detected.


The fully waterproof casing (IP67 rated) ensures that this wind controller is suitable for outdoor mounting. The unit also features LED indicators to show the current mode, system connection status and rotation speed of the wind generator.


This wind controller is compatible with 12V wind turbines ranging from a minimum capacity of 100W to a maximum of 300W


- 12v 300w wind controller
- Installation manual
- Battery voltage: 12V
- Minimum wind generator capacity: 100W
- Maximum wind generator capacity: 300W
- Wind generator braking voltage: 15V
- Wind generator recovery voltage: 13.5V
- Display mode: LED
- Ambient temperature: -35~+75℃
- Dimensions: 100 x 87 x 28 mm
- Weight: 300g
- Quiescent current: ≤15 mA
- IP protection level: IP67

300W 12V Waterproof Wind Charge Controller/Regulator for 12V Wind Turbines

SKU: DC24.1
£44.99 Regular Price
£41.39Sale Price

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