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This unit features a gloss black C-line single frame and a 12v socket power outlet with a waterproof rubber cap


This particular frame model is known as the 'CT Range - Gloss Black'


For use in campers and marine craft


- 1x 12v socket with a splash proof and dust proof marine rubber cap and a twist lock nut on the rear
- 1x C-Line mounting plate (screws to the wall)
- 1x C-Line inner frame which fits over the mounting plate (screw to the wall)
- 1x C-Line outer frame (clips to the inner frame)
- These pieces all fit together so that the finished assemblage is screwed and clipped to the wall
- Once all items are in place there are no visible screws creating a professional clean finish
- 12/24v operating voltage
- 20amp maximum rating
- The frame measures 77mm by 77mm
- 50mm recess is required

C-Line Gloss Black Frame w/ Cigarette Aux Type 12v DC Power Socket

SKU: CL19.1 CL2.8-MIX
£13.99 Regular Price
£13.01Sale Price
  • Returns are accepted if the item is returned within 30 days in the same condition that it was sent out. The buyer pays for return postage and ensures that the item is well packaged for return shipping

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