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This is the Stainless Steel 'Mark III' base, Sequoia SKU TR4001-C - We have been informed by the supplier that this is not compatible with the earlier Mk I or Mk II versions of their leg system




This is a new product from Sequoia - Sequoia table leg systems are favoured in American RVs and provide a new way of attaching a table leg to the floor over the old style conical island table leg systems


The table base sits flush to the floor and does not need to be counter sunk into the floor. The table base works in conjunction with the locking table leg (available separately) to provide a secure table mount system when locked in place

This table base is made from metal and can be supplied with a protective plastic blanking cap, which is available through our store


- 1x Sequoia Stainless Steel Mk III round metal table leg base
- 7" Stainless Steel floor base
- Low profile floor mount
- This does not need to be counter sunk into the floor
- This has a raised height of only 12mm above the floor which allows for cupboards or draws to open over the table base, not like the raised conical island table leg systems
- Simply screw to the floor
- This table base works only with the Sequoia locking table leg
- A separate protective cap is also available through our store
- For use with campervans, marine craft and houseboats

Sequoia Stainless Steel Table Mount Floor Base - No Recess Low Profile

SKU: FF3.2*
£32.99 Regular Price
£30.68Sale Price
  • Returns are accepted if the item is returned within 30 days in the same condition that it was sent out. The buyer pays for return postage and ensures that the item is well packaged for return shipping

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