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This intelligent battery charger is designed to automatically charge one 12V battery / battery bank from another 12V battery / battery bank with its own energy source. For example, if one 12V battery / bank is being regularly charged by solar / mains/ alternator, this 30A DC-to-DC battery charger can pull energy from this battery bank to charge a second 12V target battery or battery bank. The target battery / bank will be charged at a maximum of 30A, using an intelligent multi-stage approach with full overcharge protection.


This compact and lightweight battery to battery charger can be easily integrated or retrofitted into any 12V system, allowing the user to transform a single battery system into a dual battery charging system. For example, in a vehicle or boat this charger can take energy from the engine starter battery (which is constantly topped up by the alternator) to charge a leisure or auxiliary battery / bank.


In a solar charging system, the charger allows easy conversion from a single battery solar charging kit to a dual battery charging kit, without the need to upgrade the single battery solar charge controller to a dual battery model. This is perfect for systems with a high solar input, where a suitable dual battery solar charge controller is expensive or difficult to procure.


The Orion Smart charger can also operate in a DC conversion mode, where the output voltage will be adjusted to a stable voltage with minimal electrical noise. This allows the running of sensitive DC equipment from a battery or other DC power source which may change voltage during charging or use.


Key features:


- Bluetooth connectivity: inbuilt Bluetooth feature allows the charging process to be monitored and settings to be changed at any time using the  VictronConnect App, without having to access the installation location.
- Safe unattended charging: the unit features inbuilt safety functions (protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, and reverse discharge of the battery), which allow the charger to be left permanently connected to the source battery for unattended automatic charging.
- Continued charging during battery/load use: the charger will continue to operate at full power whilst energy is drawn from the battery during use. The unit will maintain the charge if the battery is already at full capacity. Any 12V loads may also be left permanently connected and running whilst the DC-to-DC charger is in operation, and will be protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
- Compatible with other charging sources: thanks to the inbuilt suppression filter, the batteries may be charged from alternative power sources, for example solar panels / petrol generators etc., whilst remaining connected to the battery charger.
- Remote on/off control: using a hard-wired switch, external relay control or the Victron Connect app, the charger can manually be turned on or off. This allows for greater control over when the charger activates, or automatic control by a Battery Management System.
- Vehicle battery optimisation: specifically designed with efficient vehicle battery charging in mind. Unlike other chargers (or split charge relays) which do not instantly charge the battery at full current whilst driving and do not provide overcharge protection, this unit will automatically charge at full power, even during short journeys, with full protection from overcharging the target battery. This charger is also well suited to vehicles of Euro 6 emission standard and above, as it prevents the reduced or intermittent charging associated with smart alternators in these vehicles.
- System upgrade potential: this unit may be connected in parallel to an identical model in order to boost the charging capacity of the system. This is an ideal option for large battery systems, or those with powerful 12V appliances running directly from the batteries. A second unit may be added at any time for future system expansion.


Galvanic isolation:


The input, output and case are isolated from each other at up to 200Vdc, preventing any current leakage. This ensures that the two batteries function fully independently with no current passing between the two batteries or the ground, apart from the charging current from the Orion battery charger. Current leakage can interfere with sensitive electronics, disturb dual battery systems with different potentials, or cause corrosion of metal boat hulls.


Additional features:


This charger also features LED indicators to show target battery charging stage and Bluetooth connectivity status.




This DC-to-DC battery charger is suitable for use with any 12V lead acid or lithium batteries. It is not compatible with 24V batteries or a combination of 12V and 24V batteries.


- 30a Victron DC to DC Isolated charger
- Installation manual
- Input voltage: 8-17V
- Output current: 0-30A
- Battery types: suitable for any type of 12V lead acid or lithium battery
- Under voltage shutdown: 7V
- Under voltage restart: 7.5V
- Output voltage adjustable range: 10-15V (12.2V nominal)
- Output voltage tolerance: +/- 0.2V
- Output noise: 2mV RMS
- Max. power consumption: 430W
- No load consumption: < 80mA
- Temperature range: -20 to +55 C 
- Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% RH, no condensation
- Max cable cross section: 16mm2 (AWG6)
- Dimensions: 130 x 186 x 80 mm
- Weight: 1.8kg

Victron 30A Isolated DC to DC Charger for Lead-Acid or Lithium w/ Bluetooth

£239.99 Regular Price
£223.19Sale Price
  • Returns are accepted if the item is returned within 30 days in the same condition that it was sent out. The buyer pays for return postage and ensures that the item is well packaged for return shipping

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