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NOTE: The lid is not supplied with this item, locking black, grey and white lids are available separately


This is a Whale EASI Slide external water inlet to fill your onboard water tank


This is supplied with the inbuilt Superfil female socket


The connection on the rear is 40mm, and it has a 10mm vent


It features a securing clip to hold your hose pipe in place when filling


The EASI slide range feature a sliding lid, not a hinged lid as with other inlets


This fits flush to the vehicle body


This is designed to work with the Superfil pump kit Whale GP1332

- 1 x Whale EASI slide onboard tank filler with Superfil socket


- Instructions and fixing kit is supplied
- Measure 10cm wide by 16cm long
- Approx 10cm recess is required to accommodate the unit with a hose connected to the rear
- Different colour lids are available to suit your needs
- Made from hard wearing plastic
- A switch can be wired in-line with the female socket if required
- The Superfil system acts as a quick connect device to quickly plug in an activate an external pump for the pumping of liquids from A to B
- The +ve and -ve input wires can connect to either terminal on the rear of the female socket
- This is a 2 pin 12v application

Whale EASI Slide Fresh Water Inlet Tank Filler w/ Superfil Pump Socket

SKU: WH2.5*
£29.99 Regular Price
£27.59Sale Price
  • Returns are accepted if the item is returned within 30 days in the same condition that it was sent out. The buyer pays for return postage and ensures that the item is well packaged for return shipping

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