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This is a Whale female socket which is known as Superfil that is supplied with the clear waterproof cap


These can replace faulty components in the Superfil or EASI Slide water pump and water inlet as manufactured by Whale


These Superfil parts can also be used as stand-alone items so that you can set up a system to pump from tank to tank


This contains the female socket and cap to provide power to external water supply systems


The socket acts as quick connect device - This is a 2 pin 12v system


- 1x female AS8093 socket
- 1x clear cap
- 2x screws
- Instructions
- The female socket can be located externally on a motorhome, houseboat or horsebox, or as desired
- Multiple female sockets can be installed around a vehicle for ease of use if not using the Whale EASI slide water inlet
- A switch can be wired in-line with the female socket if required
- The male and female parts act as quick connect devices to quickly plug in an activate an external pump for the pumping of liquids from A to B
- The +ve and -ve input wires can connect to either terminal on the rear of the female socket
- The female socket requires a 17mm hole
- This is a 2 pin 12v application

Whale (Superfill) Superfil 80 AS8093 Female Socket - External Water Supply 12v

SKU: WH7.2
£21.99 Regular Price
£20.23Sale Price
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