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PLEASE NOTE: This is a special order item, it will be sent direct from the supplier to your specified address, which may include our address if you wish to collect from our store.


- This is for a panel with a width of 990mm, and your custom length

- Please use the drop-down menu to choose your panel length

- We have two other adverts for panels 358mm wide and 674mm wide, please see those if you require a different width to this panel

- Some of these panels may be in stock and off-the-shelf and 'might' be available for delivery within a few days, but 98% of the panel lengths available will be manufactured specifically for you and your order

- Please allow up to 6-8 weeks lead-time for a custom panel

- If you are not able to wait 6-8 weeks, then please do not submit payment

- The price given does NOT include postage, there will be postage to pay, we will contact you with the postage cost to your postcode after you submit your order

- You are more than welcome to enquire for a quote, please provide your panel length and your postcode and we will let you know the postage cost

- Once you approve the order and we submit the order to be manufactured, the payment/order is non-refundable

- If you make a mistake with your measurements after the order has been submitted to manufacturer, the payment/order is non-refundable




Our solar panels are proudly manufactured in the UK and feature the innovative CalliFlex CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, and selenide) design.


Unlike conventional semi-flexible panels, these panels are not affected by heat and perform on par with traditional solid panels. They also come equipped with bypass diodes installed in every pair of cells, minimizing the effect of shadow or shading on power generation. These panels do not require ventilation as they do not generate heat.


Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) based solar cells are receiving worldwide attention for solar power generation. CIGS is more light-sensitive and therefore a CIGS panel will produce around 10-15% more power in a year, than a crystalline panel. CIGS will start earlier in the morning and stay on for longer in the evening. It will also be better in grey weather when you need the power the most.


The Calliflex CIGS Solar Panel is aerodynamic and lightweight, with no wind drag or loss of MPG. It's only 1.77mm thick (3mm bonded) and weighs less than 3kg per m2, making it an ideal choice for your motorhome or camper.


Installation is a breeze with our simple peel & stick, plug & play panels. There's no need for drilling or racking, and the self-cleaning EFTE non-stick coating ensures the panels remain clean and operational.


Built to last, these panels are shatterproof and durable. They are made without glass or silicone, eliminating the risk of micro-fractures caused by vibrations or impacts. We also offer comprehensive warranties for each application, providing you with peace of mind.


- 1x 990mm width solar panel made to your custom length (using the lengths in the dropdown menu)


PLEASE NOTE: The following postcodes often have a higher postage charge - AB, IV, KA, KW, PA, PH, BT, HS, ZE, IM, TR, FK. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure.

Custom Size CIGS Flexible Solar Panel 990mm Width for Boat Barge Motorhome

PriceFrom £153.45

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